Friday, March 6, 2015

Have a lovely weekend.

DSC_6077 photo DSC_6077.jpg
Wednesday we celebrated a delayed Valentines date with dinner and taking in the touring Cirque du Soliel show, Kurios.  This show was amazing and left me wanting to swing from the chandeliers, tumble on the giant trampoline and basically run away with the circus.  Hey a girl can dream can't she?  This weekend I'm baking our favorite chocolate cake to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday and looking forward to a little r&r. 
I hope your plans include something to celebrate.

10 fun things around the web.
This story on racial identity is absolutely beautiful.  

Wouldn’t you love stepping through a fabulous doorway in your home?  

The Seattle Aquarium made viral news with this cephalopod video.  

Hair envy I love, totally serious about this one.   

Matt Brown starts his European Tour.   

I’d like to believe this is true but I’m just not sure about this one. 

An epic fail at a dog race that made me laugh out loud.  

Mesmerizing art exhibit on family faces.  

Freebies all year long. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Daffodil photo taken in the Skagit Valley of Washington State.
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