Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cider + pumpkins + a little refueling = fall unicorn.

It's been a long week and Saturday I needed a respite.  Clyde was working and the thought of staying home, confined by walls was not what I needed.  I needed wide open spaces, I needed time to think and I needed to refuel.  So with camera in hand and a full tank of gas I headed north, 80 miles north, in search of fall.  The destination, Bellwood Acres, a u-pick apple orchard and pumpkin patch located in the boarder town of Lynden.   I stopped only once, just around the corner from my home, to indulge in my first ever Pumpkin Spice Latte.  A few delicious sips later I merged onto I-5 looking forward to the freedom only acquired by being completely alone.  I sang along with the John Denver and Billy Joel cd's in my car,  I had a lovely call with my sister and at one point I turned off the music and just enjoyed the silence.  And when I arrived an hour and a half later I was entirely ready to breathe it all in. 

Hello fall, so happy to see you.



I thought about hopping on the "Apple Bin Express" to go out to the apple orchard but decided to save that for when Clyde could come back with me.  Instead I wandered the grounds, offered to take a few family photos for some strangers, enjoyed a quick lunch and ended the day with 2 gallons of fresh pressed cider and 10 pounds of Gravenstein, McIntosh and Jonagold apples.


Taking photos clears my head.  I try to capture a moment in time, a detailed view, a specific angle.  It clears my head because it weeds out the clutter. 



With a camera in hand you control the shot, you put the emphasis on the story you are telling with each frame and you let the noise fall to the background.  It's just like life, everyday we experience so many moments where we get to choose what to focus on and what to let slip to the background.   The focus will shift but all parts are equally important to a great shot.


I had a good day today and I was pleased with all my photos, but I am especially partial to this little pumpkin below. 


Today was exactly what I needed.

How do you refuel and clear your head when necessary?
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