Wednesday, March 4, 2015

One morning in Maine; the birth of a new day.

We are blessed and grateful that we are able to spend time in Maine on Bailey Island in a cottage sidled up to the mighty Atlantic.  We actually love this island so much we named our dog after it.  And while I am glad to take in any time of day along the coast of Maine I absolutely love the mornings. Taking in the beauty and quietness of a new day is an amazing scene.  I would imagine it similar to watching a painter craft a masterpiece, it's pure magic.  I wrote this last October moments after another spectacular sunrise.

One morning in Maine; the birth of a new day.

The ocean awakes me.
I can hear the tide rolling in, pushing strong toward the shore.
Waves breaking wildly against the rugged coastline, just steps away from my cozy bed.  
My eyes are weary, focusing on the room which is still dark.
I glance to the window and can see the faint glow of dawn and immediately I'm up.  
The sun always repetitive in its ritual, yet its greeting continually varied.  
I spy the Belt of Venus. 
It's captivating me with its midnight blues and shades of orange, vibrant reds and delicate pinks or sometimes just hazy shadows of grey filtering bright white light to the steel blue water below.  
It's a race, the sun to rise and me to capture it, each stage incredible and fleeting.  
I step out as the coffee is brewing, the October air is crisp and energizing.
I stand alone. 
The sounds of the waves, the gulls, and now my shutter, strung together in a magical rhythm.    
I look to the left and the right at homes hushed with a quiet only known in the off season.  
I think it's perfect.
It's my season.
In what seems like an instant the horizon is awake.
I can see the sun peeking, yawing, and stretching its rays outward.  
The ocean grows louder commanding my attention, reminding me of the direction of the tide.
Soon the sun, intensely bright, will usher me to look away.  
I move to the porch now so warm the sweater I needed moments ago will be shed.  
He brings me coffee, the schedule is discussed, breakfast is requested
…and all of a sudden, a new day has arrived on the coast of Maine.

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Seek beauty, be grateful and have a lovely day. 
~ xo

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