Sunday, February 19, 2012

Things we love ~

I made a quick trip to the grocery store tonight for a few items and just as I was getting ready to checkout I remembered one more very important item. 

A fabulous item I have been waiting six months for, so I backtracked through the entire store until I came upon the magazine aisle.  


I spotted it right away, right there on the center shelf in all it's glory, just waiting for me. I reached out my hand, swooped it up and checked the date.  The small print right above the bar code read March 2012, this was it!

In no time at all, I was flipping through the slippery, cool pages of this brand new magazine, and I quickly found the two page spread entitled, Things we love.  Oh it was so pretty, clean, crisp and so colorful.  My eyes darted back and forth and right there, tucked in the lower left corner of page 33,  two beautiful vintage step stools handcrafted by our good friends John and Brenda; the owners of Circle Creek Home.

I was so excited and the layout was just stunning. 


.......and here is a close up.


How cool is that?

They make a few different styles of step stools including a two step and have a range of color options.

When I first met John and Brenda they both had full time jobs and over the past few years I have seen them cut back on working outside their home to create and brand their own company, Circle Creek Home.  They have an amazing Etsy shop,  space in the very successful Ruffles and Rust Square in Snohomish and their products are featured in many home and garden shops throughout Washington; and now national recognition in a major magazine.  

I love to see people do what they love and succeed at it.

As I was standing in the grocery aisle I took a photo with my phone and sent it to them with a quick congratulatory message.  A few moments later a, thank you, text came over stating they have already seen a huge increase in orders. 

Aside from these gorgeous step stools, they re-finish furniture, handcraft beautiful soap and have a great selection of the latest one of a kind vintage finds.  Circle Creek Home is not just a business either it is a lifestyle brand, and they are living it.   Their home is styled just like their space at Ruffles and Rust Square.  They drive a 1983 woody Jeep Wagoneer, and when they invite you to dinner and your sipping coffee in a vintage Fire King Jadite cup you shudder at the thought of our disposable society today.

So visit and if you are in the market for a cool, high quality vintage step stool, search no more. 

I am sure it will become one the things you love as well. 

........and don't forget the soap, it is amazing!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A love letter ~

This year I wrote my Sweetie a love letter in lieu of the traditional pre-printed card. It felt fitting for the year we have had.   And since my letter is meant for my one and only, I thought I'd share this beautifully written letter with you.

August 20, 1918
Darling, my darling. One line in haste to tell you that I love you more today than ever in my life before, that I never see beauty without thinking of you or scent happiness without thinking of you. You have fulfilled all my ambition, realized all my hopes, made all my dreams come true.

You have set a crown of roses on my youth and fortified me against the disaster of our days. Your courageous gaiety has inspired me with joy. Your tender faithfulness has been a rock of security and comfort. I have felt for you all kinds of love at once.

I have asked much of you and you have never failed me. You have intensified all colours, heightened all beauty, deepened all delight. I love you more than life, my beauty, my wonder.

Duff Cooper, English politician, to Diana, his future

Wishing you all a lovely Valentine's Day ♥♥♥
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