Sunday, July 22, 2012

Parents Surprise 50th Anniversary ~ part 3

 To have and to hold from this day forward, July 7th, 1962.


Their wedding was 50 years ago and the celebration continues to this day........

I know I can speak for my sister, brother and our parents and say, "Thank you", to everybody who shared in this wonderful day; as well as those who could not attend but sent wonderful cards and were with us in spirit.  You all made this day a beautiful celebration of love, life and friendship, xoxo.

Parents Surprise 50th Anniversary ~ part 2

Fifty years of anything requires a grand party, but 50 years of marriage and all that that brings with it, is exceptional.  We wanted to celebrate this commitment they made to each other, as well as our family, surrounded by love and friendship. 

This was BIG.

We were excited to create a space that was festive, whimsical, and filled with celebration.  Within the past year we orchestrated obtaining original wedding photos from their beloved and highly guarded album, we devised a plan to get a hold of and copy Mom's address book, A-Z, and we phoned her work to ensure that she would have the day and following week off.  We had lists and checked items off as we went along, guest list, restaurant, menu, cake, favors, decorations and so on; check, check, and check.
July 7th, 1962

Friday we worked on decorations.  We were running around town picking up a few final items when my brother called to inform us there was an issue with the helium tank we had scheduled for him to pick up, apparently there is a helium shortage; who knew?  After a few calls and a bit of concern, the gas company did allow us enough helium required for the number of balloons we had purchased, "Thank you", MaineOxy.

We spent the rest of the afternoon prepping at my sisters home.


It was fun looking over old photographs, and we joked about the possibility of Mom stopping by unannounced, just then my phone rang and displayed my parents phone number, I was entirely caught off guard so I did what I thought was right and I let the call go to voice mail, yikes!


That evening my sister, brother and I, along with our mates, met with dear friends for dinner.  The Sedgley Place is a stately Federal home built in 1876 that has been turned into a true Country Inn Dining experience.


The Sedgley Place serves a lovely five course meal family style, which was exactly what we needed.

We have known these friends since we were "littles" and it was fabulous to recall fond memories, catch up on current times and hear them recant stories of our parents back in the day.  There was a lot of laughter and love that night and we chatted long after dinner in the parking lot, until the mosquitoes chased us back to our vehicles.


Saturday morning all hands were busy.  The excitement of our small group of family and friends who offered to help, filled this old textile mill turned Italian restaurant with fun and merriment. 


Everything came together beautifully.

Up went the cupcake tower,


...up went the banner,


...and up went the balloons.


Such beautiful girls.

We were done ahead of schedule and the room was perfectly festive in gold and white.  Apothecary jars held 1960's era candy,  we had their wedding photos enlarged and scattered about the room, and a chalk board easel displayed trivia which reminded us how the times have changed since 1962.


A little post prepping sibling chat.


The scene was set, the guests started arriving right on time and the happy couple were en route.

Parents Surprise 50th Anniversary ~ part 1

For over the past year my sister, brother and I have been planning a very special surprise.  Our parents 50th Anniversary celebration. Now obviously their 50th Anniversary was not a surprise, but the plan they were told was there would be a small family lunch at a local restaurant and unfortunately Clyde and myself were not attending.  I made up every excuse in the book, work schedule, air fare hikes, and any other reason I could think of to throw them off track.  It was hard to keep these secrets and there were many times I thought they knew, somehow they knew.   

July 7th 1962

The last month was super busy with final preparations and organizing my work files as I would be out of town for the next 12 days, and before I knew it we were heading to the airport.

Well good morning Mount Rainier.

I never sleep before a flight, I think I am both nervous and excited and there is always a big sigh once we are off.   If we left anything it's too late and my phone is off for the next 7-8 hours, so I just sit back and breathe.

The weather was perfect which helped distract my thoughts and the view out the window of seat 30A was breathtaking.

That would be Mount Adams to the left and majestic Mount Rainier front and center. 
......and here is the triple play with Mount Adams, Mount Rainier, and Mount St. Helens.
Just when we were expected to see the Rocky Mountains, the clouds set in and my view remained this way for the remainder of the trip.

This is how I travel, always have, always will.  Animal crackers, in the box.

After a layover in Baltimore, it was just a short flight to Portland, Maine.

This was just the beginning of an amazing vacation.

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