Monday, July 28, 2014

Come sail away!

Three years ago I surprised my Sweetie with a sunset sail on Puget Sound for his birthday, we both loved it.  We had never been sailing in Seattle and we were hooked from the moment the sails went up.  I blogged about it, we told friends and we have talked a lot about returning.  So with his birthday once again upon us and a warm sunny forecast predicted for Saturday I figured this was the perfect way to celebrate.  I called a few friends and we made plans for dinner along the waterfront and a lovely evening sail.

We all met at The Crab Pot on Pier 56 and timed it perfectly to dine and catch the "Neptune", with Let's Go Sailing, promptly at 7pm.

The sun was high and bright.

 photo DSC_6988.jpg
 photo DSC_6991.jpg
 photo DSC_6999.jpg
 photo DSC_7006.jpg
As soon as the sails went up, the boat leaned into the wind and swiftly carried us along the edge of the busy waterfront,

 photo DSC_7008.jpg

...past the Great Wheel,

 photo DSC_7016.jpg
 photo DSC_7021.jpg
...and then straight into the sun.

 photo DSC_7026.jpg
We shared a bottle of wine and laughed as the boat angled into the wind. 

 photo DSC_7030.jpg
Before too long we had journeyed eight and a half miles across the Sound into a little cove on the East side of Bainbridge Island.  While the boat anchored for a few moments and the sun hung just above the tree line, we snapped selfies, tried to capture the scenic beauty and daydreamed of living in one of the lovely homes along the waters edge.

The evening light was gorgeous, a beautiful soft amber glow and the reflection of the liquid gold on the deep blue water was mesmerizing.

 photo DSC_7066.jpg
And the view back towards the city was spectacular too. 

Hello Seattle.

 photo DSC_7091.jpg
Let's Go Sailing, has two sailboats the Neptune, our boat, and the Obsession, seen in the photo below.

 photo DSC_7102-1.jpg
I have been in the Pacific Northwest 20 years and Mount Rainier still slays me.  It's sixty miles to the South, yet it feels like you could reach right out and touch it.

 photo DSC_7110.jpg
 photo DSC_7114.jpg
As the sun set, the wind slowed a bit and leveled out our ride back.

 photo DSC_7116-1.jpg Andrea and I, she was also celebrating her birthday.

 photo DSC_7150.jpg
 photo DSC_7134.jpg
The city was gorgeous on the way back, washed in pale blue and lavender pink.

 photo DSC_7159.jpg
...and least we forget the Space Needle.

 photo DSC_7172.jpg
We gently glided back to the dock just after the sun set and the lights of the city came on. 

 photo DSC_7191-1.jpg
Oh sailing, how I love thee.

 photo DSC_7195.jpg
 photo DSC_7196.jpg

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this such a special night, and thank you to the staff and crew of  Let's Go Sailing, we will be back.
Wishing you all a lovely day, go do something fun!
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