Sunday, April 1, 2012

A few random things ~

A few week ago we made a special trip to Seattle for a quick breakfast at the famous Crumpet Shop in Pike Place Market.   It's delicious and the crumpets are wonderful. 


As we were leaving, camera in hand, I snapped this adorable photo of a Bride and her Bridal Party rushing somewhere.  I did not see a groom and hoped she was rushing to and not from the church.

I edited this with a vintage effect.

So here are a few random things I am loving this week:

These adorable shoes.

This happy striped shirt.

My favorite bath soap, available here.

This winter hair remedy, that makes my hair soft and shiny.

A homemade Spicy Chai Latte recipe from Sproutted Kitchen I'm anxious to try.

The invitation to my friends fabulous 40th birthday party, she's having an 80's themed prom!!!  Bring on the Aquanet and Luvs Baby Soft, it's gonna be so totally awesome!!!

Happy day to you all.
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