Monday, September 2, 2013

Matt Brown Concert at the Creek.

Last Summer I saw a post on FB from a small restaurant in La Conner Washington. It went something like this:

"Come join us for an intimate summer evening of soulful blues with singer/songwriter Matt Brown on the deck under the Beech tree,  August 1st from 6-10 p.m."

I was intrigued, I'm not exactly sure what it was or if it was a combination of the whole thing.  But the idea of soulful blues, under a beech tree sounded so fabulous, plus August 1st 2012 was a Wednesday and I like doing things mid week.  Mid week events break up the work week, venues are less crowded and we have had some of our best times mid-week.   So I called our friends to see if they were up for it.  We met on the deck, under this giant Beech tree, ordered dinner and when Matt Brown started singing, we were all instant fans.

 photo DSC_8575-2-1.jpg

We chatted with him during the break and purchased both of his cd's.  He was gracious as he chatted with the crowd and really seemed to love what he was doing.   After the brief intermission we sat back down and enjoyed the rest of his set.  Soon we found ourselves saying, "this guy is really great!", "what a great idea this was", and my favorite, "the only way this night could be better, was if he was playing out on the deck at our friends home".

Our friends have a lovely home on 16 acres along the banks of the Pilchuck Creek and an amazing partially covered deck in the middle of it all.   They agreed it would be "over the top" to have him play at their home.  And then like all good things, the evening came to a close but we succeeded in having yet another great mid week evening and now two new amazing cd's to listen to.

I think it was mid January when we saw him again, this time at the Edgewater in Seattle. And by now  I knew all the words to his songs and have shared his music with many of my friends.  I mentioned to him, during the break,  that we had seen him at Seed's last Summer with friends and we really enjoy his music.  He asked my name and said "Wendy, thank you so much for coming out tonight". 

 photo DSC_0980-2.jpg

So soon it's April, and after a few more discussions with our friends, I thought I'm just going to email him and see if he does private concerts.  It was only a few quick emails back and forth and then another quick call to our friends and the wheels were in motion.  A surprise phone call from Matt confirming schedules in May and a few text messages later,  the Concert at the Creek was set for August 24th, 2013.

We planned a yummy taco bar, invited a small group of friends, and were super excited for our intimate Summer Concert at the Creek.

And let me just say, this evening exceeded all of our expectations.

 photo DSC_3767.jpg

The guests had a great time, Matt was wonderful and as hosts, we could not have asked for a better evening.  In fact the only thing that I would have changed is, I did not take enough photos.   I wanted more photos of the venue the details and the guests enjoying it all.  But I was too distracted, it was like Christmas morning.  We had an over the top idea, took the steps to make it happen and after months of planning he was here.  He was playing his beautiful music out on our friends deck.  This deck that has held farm to fork dinners, pumpkin carving parties, cider pressing celebrations and leisurely evenings that were special just because we were there with friends.

I did however manage with the help from a few guests and with the few photos I took, to put together a video of this most special evening.

MB Concert from WA Nutting on Vimeo.

Now, I must add here that the next few days that followed, Brenda and I both received numerous facebook messages, texts, etc from guest saying, they had the best time, they love Matt Brown, they hope we do it again next year, next week and so on.  And Brenda ran into a neighbors Mom, who happened to be visiting her kids the evening of the concert.  She told Brenda they came over for a short visit and ended up staying the entire night, sitting out on their deck enjoyng the music.

And isn't that what this is all about spreading joy, connecting with people and making memories.   I'd say that's the Matt Brown unicorn right there.

This life is a gift, don't waste a single moment of it.

Thank you to all the friends that attended, thank you to our dear friends John and Brenda for sharing their wonderful home and thank you to Matt Brown for an amazing evening.

Matt Brown is a beautiful songwriter and has an amazing crystal clear voice.  He has played all over Washington and Oregon, toured college campuses around the country, opened for some big names and made a few trips to Nashville to work on and record some more music.

We wish him all the best and look forward to following his career.  If you ever get a chance to catch him playing in your area, by all means, go see him and for more information on Matt Brown click here.
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