Monday, January 14, 2013

Our weekend, music, football and a unicorn.

Our weekend was fun.
We started celebrating the weekend on Friday night.  We heard that one of our favorite up and coming artists was playing at the swanky 67 lounge, inside the Edgewater hotel in Seattle, and thought it was a perfect way to end the week.  We had seen Matt Brown in August at Seeds restaurant in La Conner and really enjoyed his edgy blues vibe.  We arrived shortly after 9pm but just in time to secure the last comfy seats in the lounge.


He rocked the house playing mostly his own music and a few covers during his second set.   I would compare him to John Mayer or Michael Buble with an edge.  You can hear some of his music on his website,

Saturday was spent running errands a few returns, a few groceries, they usual run of the mill weekend to do list, but Sunday was a crazy day.

Sunday started off early with me baking Brown Butter Blueberry Muffins from Joy the Baker.  These were delicious and came together super fast.


They were perfect with a hot cup of coffee on a chilly winter morning and a great treat to have during the suspenseful Seahawks playoff game.


And speaking of the game, it was right down to the wire and with just a few minutes left in the game they came back from a 20 point loss, but just could not keep the Falcons from scoring and taking the win.  Ugh!  I was so bummed.  I think this is why there is so much beer consumed at football games it's so stressful.  I even thought about getting into the Patron Clyde gave me for Christmas.

When the game ended, we thought a change of scenery was in order and we needed something to take our mind off that game.  So I threw on a pair of sparkly flat gold shoes and we were out the door.

We landed at the Unicorn, on Capitol Hill and it was exactly what we needed.

Never having been here we did not exactly know what the scene was going to be like.  I would describe it as antique taxidermy meets vintage carousel.  It's funky.

The menu is crazy with a long list of specialty corn dogs, fried pickles, fried dough, popcorn balls, ect.  And just so you know they have a Unicorn Dog, Unicorn Salad, and Unicorn Balls if you really need to be cheered up.

The drink menu is just as interesting with drinks called, Unicorn Fizz, My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, Unicorn Tears, Sno-Cone and Cotton Candy.  Yikes, are you feeling a little sugar rush yet?  They also have the usual beer and wine but how many places can you order a My Little Pony and a plate of Unicorn Balls? giggle, giggle.  

We sat by the window and when Clyde asked what I wanted,  I so wanted to order the My Little Pony just to hear him order it for me, but I went with the Shay Shay Mar Mar and he made me order, ha!
And just in case your wondering, he had a beer.


As you can imagine, shortly after we walked in the door, our minds were not on the Seahawks loss at all.  the Unicorn, it's an experience.

Downstairs is the Narwhal room, another bar, a lot more seating and the epic games of my youth.  Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Centipede, and a game I had never know about.


A game in so little production, only 10,000 units of this version were ever made, ever, and this was 31 years ago,  I thought back to all of the hours I spent at the Dream Machine arcade in Auburn, Maine, all the games I played at the movie theater on Main Street, at the pizza place, at the mall, at all the places I went in my teens and I never knew there was a Baby Pac-Man.


I was mesmerized.   It's very different, combining a video game and a pinball machine in one game.  It appears that you start of playing the video game and one of two vertical tunnels, at the bottom of the video screen, allows you access to play the pinball portion.   Apparently this game was designed and released by Bally-Midway and was never authorized by NAMCO.  It, along with three other unauthorized versions of Pac-Man, eventually led NAMCO to cancel the association with Bally-Midway; at least that is the story on Wikipedia. 

Oh my gosh what a day. 


What a fun, crazy day.  If you live in Seattle it's worth a visit to the Unicorn.

Wishing you all a lovely week!
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