Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Coffee Ritual.

The weekend always goes by way to fast. After our low tide excursion, we joined friends for a Cinco de Mayo lunch, and ended the night with a movie and popcorn.

Sunday we woke to the sounds of two very active woodpeckers in the greenbelt behnd our home.  The sun was pouring in the bedroom window, exposing the lack of windex in our home, and Bailley was curled up on the sunniest spot on the bed. 

I knew Clyde would be up to make coffee soon and I decided to pull out an old mini donut baking pan burried in the drawer under the stove.


I usually make muffins or scones but today was a baked mini donut day.    Baked donuts are a hybrid of a muffin and a donut.  I used this recipe and they turned out pretty cute.

I have decided mini baked donuts are best enjoyed with hot coffee, sitting in the sun.


We love morning coffee outside in the sunshine, what's your morning coffee ritual?
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