Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Matt Brown, Concert at the Creek 2014

Life is just a big pile of experiences that serve to teach, stretch, and fill our hearts along the way.  I try to see it all, the good as well as the bad, knowing it's the whole sum of these parts that serve to build a meaningful and well balanced life.  The past few years I have been both inspired and challenged to really suck the marrow out of this life, push the limits, and dare to ask more questions.  How can I make this more meaningful?  How can this situation be better?  What would it take to elevate this from ordinary to extraordinary?  And if I have learned anything, it's that good things want to be better.  Like attracts like and before you know it, that momentum builds and opens doors to experiences you never imagined.

Three years ago we saw an up and coming singer/songwriter at a small restaurant and we became instant fans.  The talented Matt Brown is the real deal and if you have not heard of him yet, it's time you take notice.  A few emails and phone calls over the next few months and the wheels were in motion.  Our vision became reality when, the following summer, he played an epic private concert on our friends deck.  We called it Concert at the Creek, you can see that post here.  It was an amazing evening and I imagine Matt hadn't even made it out of the driveway, after that concert, before we were thinking about planning a repeat for the following year. 

This past Saturday night was our 2nd Annual Concert at the Creek and let me tell you the combination of this venue and this artist yields a magical evening.  And if this post does anything I hope it inspires you all to dream just a little bit bigger, find the magic in the everyday and encourage it to stay awhile. 

The venue for the evening was our friends lovely home along the banks of the Pilchuck Creek.

 photo DSC_7244.jpg

 photo DSC_7241.jpg
We spent the entire evening gathered on the deck, warming up around the fire pit and relaxing along the gentle slope of the grass, while soulful blues, jazz and a bit of rock swirled in the air.

 photo DSC_7243.jpg
Yeah, lets take a closer look at that vintage bed tucked among the apple trees.  I'm sure you can see unicorns if you squint for just a minute. 

Seriously, how over the top is this?

Two lucky guests enjoyed a sweet nights slumber beneath a crystal clear night sky filled with stars. 
...now you're seeing the unicorns aren't ya?

 photo DSC_7240.jpg
It was about six o'clock when Matt set up on the deck with his signature vintage suitcases and state of the art sound system and our intimate concert was underway.  The weather was perfect with a warm August afternoon sun that set around eight and left us with a cool but comfortable evening. 

 photo DSC_7247.jpg
Sixteen acres of old growth cedars and a parched summer creek were the perfect backdrop for this special evening.  And right before sunset, as the sun hung low and illuminated the dry creek bed in the distance,  the "magic hour"  was made even more memorable with his signature tunes including, the Best of you, the Acrobat, and  Little does she know.  

 photo DSC_7251.jpg
 photo DSC_7268-1.jpg
A gentle slope by the deck became a mini amphitheater and was a great space to take it all in, the deck, the music and the creek in the distance.

 photo DSC_7259.jpg
Brenda and I picked 100 stems of white dahlias earlier in the day and had them bursting out of mason jars and galvanized buckets placed around the entire setting.  It was beautiful, casually elegant and completely fitting for the evenings event.

 photo DSC_7262.jpg
 photo DSC_7275.jpg
 photo DSC_7273-1.jpg
On the deck we set up appetizers that each guest brought to share, beverages and a full dessert table that slowly depleted as the evening went on.  Chocolate cake, coconut cake, cookies, biscuit and strawberry-rhubarb jam cobbler and cheesecake with strawberry sauce.  I can not imagine anyone left hungry.

 photo DSC_7277.jpg
Matt took a short break mid way through, had a bite to eat and visited with the guests; all now big fans.  He had cd's for sale and shared how his career has unfolded since moving to Nashville last year.  We are all looking forward to the release of his two new cd's this fall.  And he has more exciting things on the horizon, so keep an eye on his website for more information.

 photo DSC_7279.jpg
And because every great concert has to have a t-shirt souvenir, I had a few custom made, one for myself and one for John.  CustomInk did a great job on the t-shirts and I was thrilled at the quality and how they came out.

 photo DSC_7285.jpg John rocked the night away in his shirt, I loved the aviator image on the back. 

 photo DSC_7282.jpg
Matt played a great mix of his own music and some classic covers of old jazz and blues and then ended the night with his version of "Kiss" by Prince; which I caught most of on the video below.

DSC 7294 from WA Nutting on Vimeo.
Soon I will have another post dedicated to his beautiful new song, Build something with me.  So come back and check it out.  And by all means if you are in Nashville or the surrounding area, check his schedule and go see one of his shows. 

Have a lovely day, dream big and "make it count!"

We have but one life, what is it you plan to do with yours?"
Mary Oliver                           

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