Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inaugural Post

Welcome to From Lemons to Limoncello.  A blog about life and gratitude. 

I still can not believe it is already mid August, the light here in the Pacific Northwest has officially started to change; it is lower in the sky and lacking the warmth and  brightness that so eagerly attempts to tan our very pale Seattle skin.

Our Summer this year has been served unusually cold with a heaping side of overcast. There is a long standing joke in Seattle, "What are you going to do this Summer?" response, "Not sure, it depends which day it falls on".  Ack!   

I love Summer,  I love the heat, I love the long evenings and I love the warm energy of vitamin D soaking into my skin.  While the rest of the country has been bathed with scorching relentless heat our Summer was bordering on lukewarm. This year I want a do-over.  I wish I could capture all the good things about Summer and bottle 'em up to bring out at a later date. 

Welcome Limoncello!
Earlier this Spring a friend mentioned she had tried some homemade  limoncello and she said it was pure liquid sunshine.  I have been fixated by the idea of  homemade "pure liquid sunshine" ever since.  After learning of the lengthy time required to create this much loved aperitif I was challenged.   Limoncello needs to sit at a minimum of 3 months and if you can be patient, it just gets better with more age.

I researched the web and was happy to find this recipe
that seemed to have great reviews.

So as we cherish these last fleeting weeks of Summer and prepare our minds to settle into our shades of grey and our pensive skies, my sunshine is brewing center stage in the nook above my fireplace.  And as the days get shorter and the deepness of winter is upon us, I look forward to a little sip of liquid sunshine to brighten the day!
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