Monday, December 17, 2012

Reindeer love.

Saturday we took a trip to the North Pole, ok it was really Swanson's Nursery in North Seattle but it was cold and wintery and if the rain was actually snow you wouldn't have know the difference.  It was festive.


There were beautiful views of Christmas around every corner and.......


...... a little magic in the air.   We made the trip to Swanson's to see Santa's little helpers, Dasher and Blitzen.

That's Blitzen above.

We arrived as they were having breakfast.


I was smitten as soon as I spotted them.

"Up on the rooftop click, click click..."

They were so cute and sweet.


After a breakfast of alfalfa and hay they settled down for a little nap.

Dasher is on the left and Blitzen is on the right.

Resting up for their big trip in just a few days.



....someone found the Mistletoe,  I better go ♥.

Wishing you a lovely day! 

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  1. Something some people may not know is that you can only buy fresh mistletoe in the pacific northwest. :) I hope you bought some and hung it somewhere festive.


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